¿Pánico? OFA now running “Truth Team” ads in Spanish.

I think this is, at least to me, the first major disturbance in the Force post-Ryan.  Until now, OFA Spanish-language ads consisted mostly of either soft-focus celebrity fluff or story-driven organizer testimonials.  Today, OFA released a “Truth Team”-style web video featuring Gabriela Domenzaín, current Director of Hispanic Media and former founding producer of Univision’s Al Punto.

For all you No Habla Español types, the video is meant to defend against GOP attacks on immigration, and to defend the ICE deportation moratorium; which itself was issued as a sop to the immigration activist base due to the regime’s failure to get comprehensive immigration reform done when Democrats had iron-fisted control of Congress.

One can only wonder what those post-Ryan internals look like in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.  I’ve got to think that seniors in Florida are NOT freaked out over the Ryan plan, and it is time to do some emergency base-shoring.  That OFA sees the need to do this type of ad less than 90 days from the election is astounding to me…and even more so, the fact that it is a defense of immigration policy, not entitlements or ObamaCare.  This is huge.  This is a blaring red siren; a sounding of the alarm.

I smell pánico.

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