On David Axelrod and “insults to Hispanics”

As we know, Obama advisor David Axelrod went on Univision’s Al Punto yesterday, and from his mouth sprung forth the laughable, yet patently offensive idea, that the nomination of Marco Rubio as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate is somehow an “insult to Hispanics”.  Axelrod’s statement is beyond offensive on many levels.

I find it laughable, and beyond hypocritical, that the Campaign That Reduced Justice Sonia Sotomayor To A Campaign Prop is now going to lecture on Hispanic offense.  First of all, who told the Left that they could tell me what is outrageous and what isn’t?  Such a statement by Axelrod belies what, I suspect, has ALWAYS been a tenet of the Left, that perhaps “minorities” are too stupid to think for themselves.  Thus, we need to be told that a Rubio VP candidacy, the first-ever for a Hispanic, is a grievous insult that needs to be punished at the polls.  Never mind that people always attack what they fear, and that lately, liberals have had a lot of Rubio on the mind (and in the mouth).

Between all the noise coming out of Ax and DWS’ mouths, you can almost smell the terror.  Having emerged stronger from the “Plata o Plomo” fiasco, Rubio has taken the Left’s favorite and wrapped it around the Left and Hispanic media….and has begun to squeeze, like an anaconda around a donkey.

I don’t know:  maybe I’ll start a hashtag game, which the Left so seems to enjoy.  #thingsthatinsulthispanics should be a hoot.  Here’s a few to prime the pump:

  • Fast and furious
  • 11% unemployment
  • Obama’s broken immigration promises
  • Sonia Sotomayor as a campaign prop
  • gas prices
  • Cinco de Cuatro and Tres de Mayo
  • Solyndra
  • HHS religious-employer mandates
  • Univision’s inherent biases

That’s just to name a few.  No amount of fake racial grievance is going to mitigate what is truly offensive…the Left’s revolting sense of entitlement to the Hispanic mind and vote.  Brietbart was right…this IS the dog whistle election.

If Axelrod has half a brain, he apologizes now, and blames it on chimichanga gas.

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