Axelrod, heal thyself: here’s an actual “insult to Hispanics”

On yesterday’s Al Punto, senior Obama advisor David Axelrod asserted that, somehow, adding Marco Rubio to the GOP ticket would constitute an “insult to Hispanics”.  Lat-cons such as SooperMexican and El Sharko wasted no time in bringing the blowback (my take here).  I get that (a) it’s Axelrod’s job to spin, spin, spin like the wind,  (b) that Ax is just trying to make chicken salad here, and (c) that the Left is horrrified at the sudden realization that Rubio has not just survived Rubiogate, but has successfuly wrapped himself around them on immigration and is already constricting.  But if Mr. Axelrod is serious about decrying insults to Hispanics, perhaps he can start at his own shop.

It was just over a week ago that the Obama campaign released “Honoring Justice Sonia Sotomayor”.  I expected that Obama would not resist the urge to spike the ball on the Sotomayor appointment, and that the campaign would later bring it up as a crude outreach tool.  Sadly, I was right on both counts, despite hoping that the White House would show a modicum of restraint.

So desperate is this regime to deflect from its cataclysmic failure and total lack of accomplishment, that it feels the need to reduce a sitting Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court to little more than a campaign prop to be waved around the Barrio.  Wise Latina may well have agreed to this nonsense, but it is 100% on the campaign for putting it together, and I can’t imagine this getting done without Axelrod’s approval.

I will remind you that Obama surrogates jumped all over Mitt Romney during the primary, when he hit Rick Santorum for his vote to confirm Sotomayor to the Second Circuit.  Now that their Champion actually did what they accused Romney of doing…nothing but silence.

If Axelrod is that concerned about insults to Hispanics, perhaps he can help clear up Fast and Furious, urge serious steps to address that pesky 11% Hispanic unemployment rate, or get his boss to quit passing the buck for his failures on immigration- when he had a filibuster-proof Senate and could’ve rammed it through.

Beyond that, David Axelrod has no standing to suggest what should be insulting to Hispanics, and what should not.  If anything, Axelrod’s remarks are a further reminder of the Left’s contempt for “minorities” that dare to leave the liberal plantation, and their presumption of ownership of entire ethnic groups for the sole purpose of pushing identity politics.   If you’re looking for the real insult, you can start there.

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One thought on “Axelrod, heal thyself: here’s an actual “insult to Hispanics”

  1. This is totally awesome. brb retweetingtheshitoutofthis

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