From the ashes of “Hope” and “Change” now rises “Forward”.  Unless you look “forward” to more of the same (or worse), I can’t think of anything that has happened over the course of the past 3-plus years which could possibly justify the use of “Forward” as a campaign slogan.  I leave you with the words of Ronald Reagan, which heighten the stakes of this election, and reveal Obama’s true directional appeal (click below for ‘shop):


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2 thoughts on “Down.

  1. Juan Torres says:

    El Partido Comunista de este pais, no esta siempre feliz con los demócratas, pero en las elecciones de 2012 y segun su presidente, el apoyar a Barack Obama es ahora la mejor apuesta para avanzar en los objetivos del partido.

    Lea mas:

  2. Saludos, Juan. Gracias por acompañarnos.

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