Post-SOTU, Rubio Derangement Syndrome now at pandemic levels

As I predicted, Rubio’s SOTU response has left the media in a state of apoplexy. As a result, Rubio Derangement Syndrome has become a full-blown pandemic. Continue reading

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Rubio Derangement Syndrome


If there’s one thing we can count on, just as certain as the sun rises from the East, it is that a Univisión Noticias staffer will at some point (to filch El SooperMexican’s term) go bath-salts crazy at the mere mention of El Senador Marco Antonio Rubio.  Continue reading

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Immigration: history repeats itself

In 2009, the promise of comprehensive immigration reform took a back seat to the economy and to Obamacare. Events would seem to indicate that history is poised to repeat itself, just days from the second Obama inaugural. Continue reading

Blood-libeling the Second Amendment

I’ve not heard (or read) anyone say, post-Sandy Hook, that the senseless deaths of these innocents are “the price of our freedom”, and yet President Barack Obama advanced that very notion during the political portion of remarks delivered at last night’s prayer vigil in Newtown. I would expect this sort of craven hackery from Harry Reid on the Senate floor; not from Barack Obama in the midst of a solemn prayer vigil.

The martyrs of Sandy Hook deserve better than to be reduced to talking point props.

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BLOGBURST: What Conservatives are Doing Wrong with Hispanics, and How to Fix it

NOTE:  I am proud to forward this primer on conservative Hispanic outreach, which is sorely needed after all the post-election postmortems and bellyaching.  Many thanks to Brittney Morrett, Samuel Rosado, Michelle Lancaster and Ben Domenech for working on this vital paper.  I am honored to join today’s spontaneous blogburst.  Furthermore, I call on the GOP/DC/Miami clownsultant class to do ZERO Hispanic outreach without first reading this primer and committing the principles within to memory. 

Continue reading

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On Rubio, GQ, and Brown Noise

Today’s faux outrage at Senator Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) response to GQ’s “how old is the Earth” question suggests three things: first, that the 2016 presidential campaign is, indeed, underway. Second, that any conservative with national aspirations (or aspiring to enter the national conversation) should expect, at some inevitable point, that a narrative-framing gotcha question will emerge.  Third, that efforts to deligitimize Marco Rubio’s national profile have entered their next phase. Continue reading

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Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods have earned the Medal of Honor

While there are still many unanswered questions regarding the attack against the United States Embassy in Benghazi, this much is clear to me: that the selfless actions of Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods merit award of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

From Scott On Cape Cod:

A short distance from the American compound, two Americans were sleeping. They were in Libya as independent contractors working an assignment totally unrelated to our embassy. They also happened to be former Navy SEALs. When they heard the noise coming from the attack on our embassy, as you would expect from highly trained warriors, they ran to the fight. Apparently, they had no weapons, but seeing the Libyan guards dropping their guns in their haste in fleeing the scene, Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty snatched up several of these discarded weapons and prepared to defend the American compound.

Not knowing exactly what was taking place, the two SEALs set up a defensive perimeter. Unfortunately Ambassador Stevens was already gravely injured, and Foreign Service officer, Sean Smith, was dead. However, due to their quick action and suppressive fire, twenty administrative personnel in the embassy were able to escape to safety. Eventually, these two courageous men were overwhelmed by the sheer numbers brought against them, an enemy force numbering between 100 to 200 attackers which came in two waves. But the stunning part of the story is that Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty killed 60 of the attacking force.

It is not neccesary to wait for Pentagon brass to go through a whole nominating process, which could take years and get lost in Washington politics.  Congress can, by statute, vote directly on a Medal of Honor nomination.  Individual members of Congress can, after being petitioned by a constituent, bring a Medal of Honor nomination to the floor.  The selfless actions of Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods saved many lives.  They stood their watch in the face of imminent death, and even after it became clear that no relief was ever coming.

There are three ways to help move this forward:

1. Join the petition drive

2. Contact your U.S. Representative and both U.S. Senators, and urge them to nominate Doherty and Woods for the Medal of Honor.

4. Spread the word via social media.

There is no doubt that Doherty and Woods earned the Medal of Honor, through their conspicuous gallantry and selfless bravery.  In some small measure, this is the least we can do to honor the memory of these fallen heroes.

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Hoy, de modo sorpresivo, ocurre el milagro por el cual gran parte de la Cristiandad global se había unido en oración. Se informa que el Pastor iraní Youcef Nadarkhani, previamente condenado a muerte por presunta apostasía contra el Islam, fue dejado en libertad. Continue reading

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Hype: Castro comes up short

After great fanfare and huge hype, San Antonio Mayor Julían Castro delivered last night’s keynote speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.  On many counts, however, it fell short of the hype.
Continue reading

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Akin tiene que quitarse

El escándalo de Todd Akin, candidato republicano al Senado por Missouri, ha acaparado la palestra política.  El equilibrio del Senado en el próximo Congreso podría definirse por lo próximo que haga o no haga. Continue reading

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¿Pánico? OFA now running “Truth Team” ads in Spanish.

I think this is, at least to me, the first major disturbance in the Force post-Ryan.  Until now, OFA Spanish-language ads consisted mostly of either soft-focus celebrity fluff or story-driven organizer testimonials.  Today, OFA released a “Truth Team”-style web video featuring Gabriela Domenzaín, current Director of Hispanic Media and former founding producer of Univision’s Al Punto. Continue reading

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Bloomberg: que la policía se vaya de huelga hasta que la gente renuncie a su derecho a las armas

Parece que a Jorge Ramos le llegó su paladín anti-Segunda Enmienda.  Con sus más recientes expresiones, el Alcalde Michael Bloomberg (I-NYC) borró cualquier duda que podría quedar respecto a sus impulsos totalitarios y a su desprecio por la libertad individual.
Continue reading

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EXPLOSIVO: El Juez Presidente Roberts había cambiado su voto para ratificar ObamaCare

Siguen las repercusiones del controvertido fallo para ratificar la reforma de salud, conocida como ObamaCare.  Ayer CBS reveló detalles explosivos que parecerían confirmar la especulación prevalente tras el fallo confuso: que el Juez Presidente Roberts cambió su voto. Continue reading

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“BFD” t-shirt, revised and corrected

The regime chose, as part of yesterday’s post-SCOTUS touchdown dance, to hawk its vulgar “BFD” t-shirt.  However, Chief Justice Roberts’ affirmation of the individual mandate renders the merchandise factually inaccurate.  Below you will find the new ObamaCare t-shirt, which accurately reflects the individual mandate solid constitutional foundations. Continue reading

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DREAMs from The Amateur

President Barack Obama’s recent immigration announcement was not just an obvious craven pander to Hispanics designed to rapidly muster a dwindling base.  It was also an amateur move which may well poison the waters of our immigration policy debate for decades to come. Continue reading

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